Dark as we close our eyes,
An eerie twinkling light guided me
It wasn’t chilling, but it was cold
my anxiety skyrocketed with the fast-moving light
I found three ways before me.
looked at the light for a while,
then continued down the right path.

Now my eyes are clear to the way,
In front of my eyes were lush green fields,
with many birds and animals singing,
flowers and trees are blooming beautifully.
Clear Water that I have never seen in my life
with a world free of pollution
Here is the paradise I saw in the pictures.

Source:  Lars_Nissen from Pixabay 

The light looked at me and started moving straight,
trying to tell me to keep going.
The way looks so sticky and stinky.
I hesitated to take action, but no more choice
My path now revealed a grey smoke.
did not look like the other world.
I could hear some sorrows.

Saw a plethora of animals and plants
lying on the ground before me.
My brain needed time to adjust to the opposite of the world.
My chest went numb as I asked who did this
The twinkling light vanished in front of the mirror,
where I saw the dark side of mine….

.    .    .