Source: Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

This has been going on for a long time, and it's unjust to us girls and the women who have accomplished so much in their careers. It's not great how you can go around and say things like, 'What if you get pregnant?' How can you even ask this to a woman who is destined to do it, it's the most natural, wonderful, fascinating and beautiful thing in the universe

I read a book called My Life In Full by Indra Nooyi (the former CEO of PepsiCo), and she mentioned in her book how she promoted daycare in her office and how it helped the company a lot more than it did in the past. I loved her idea, and I would love for it to spread to every part of the world, because even in developed countries, it hasn't become a huge deal, and I believe it should be. If you are in a position in your company where you are free to make decisions on what you believe should be done, you are one step closer to making a difference. People might get motivated by what you've done for the specific workplace, and they may introduce at theirs as well. Think of all the female employees who are hesitant to leave their child with a babysitter. Not just female employees, but male employees who work their tails off all day and night and can't see their kid for days because the child may have slept when they return home. Simply seeing their son/daughter once a day and having lunch with their kid at lunchtime may make an important difference in their lives and performance at work.

Since the pandemic has had such a negative impact on our world and has taught us the greater meaning of life and time, people at a certain level should consider how they can help the employee's family to have him/her around a little more. It will not only make the employee happier, but it will also make him or her much more successful in their workplace position. Every parent seeks a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for their child to grow up in, and what better way to have their child around them, knowing that they are safe and sound just below or above where they work?

Maybe considering this and implementing it at your workplace would be so much more than just a few happy faces.

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