Source: Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

She was a kid filled with enthusiasm, joy & love
known as the humblest doll of her classroom.
School to home & the way around remained her chore.
8-10 hours of a day allowed her to sleep - And
She thought she would never grow up!
Her parents taught her to talk, and now they ask her to shut up.
She smiled a lot then, but now life rudely smiles at her pain.
Taunters made her cry, but now she shrugs them off.
She was an innocent champ,& now she's seeking its meaning.
Thunderstorms used to scare her, but now she resides in them.
Her eyes loved to dream, but now they're haunting her with unwanted memories.
She was trained to ask questions, now her life questioned her back.
Life offered her a good start, which now makes her regret her sayings.
She never raised her voice, nevertheless now the demons in her exploded.
Promises eluded her soul, and now she's breaking them-And
finally, she tried to move on but remembers everything clearly.
Her infant voices echoed into her,
her tears became matured now.
The roads she roamed seem empty now,
she appears to be lost!
Thinking about the girl who's gone
into a faraway land, unreachable!
But one question keeps nagging behind her all this while -

.    .   .