Source: Daniil Onischenko on Unsplash

In all my life three lovers did I find
One broke my spirit
The other broke my mind
But I was still whole and didn’t fall apart
Until the third one came and shattered my heart
The wisdom I learned I was never really taught
But bitter did it leave me at the center of my heart

Now my faith is gone that I’ll find love again
I’ve made my peace that I’ll die alone in the end
Heed my words oh young lovers
These words don’t come from any higher powers
Be true to you be true to the other
Love each other like there is no other

My mind was broken but I was still fine
Until the second lover came and took what was mine
She made me feel alone
And a long way from home
She really did care
But she was never really there

For three years I lived with my spirit all broken
Until the third lover came and I felt awoken
A safe place I found
And my mind was now sound
She had all of me she had my heart
But then she listened to her daddy and she shattered my heart

And now I’m alone with no faith left
I’ve accepted the cards that fate has dealt
I wish I knew better than to give them my all
But a great deal I learned at the bottom of my fall
A man turned to a ghost with no hope in sight
Just a frayed old soul with no hope left avoided by the light

I still have love so much of it to give
But I find it hard to find the strength to live
I hope one day that peace finds my soul
Some magic miracle that will make whole
But a fools hope it may be, a hopeless cause
But helpless am I left by all this loss

Who really knows what went wrong
But each lost lover taught me how to be strong
With three broken facets, I lay here now
My lonely soul takes one last bow
Heed my words oh young lovers
These words come from the loss of my power
A fractured man alone in my tower
I hide in my hells with laughter as my cover

A sad story this maybe
But lessons to be learned for you all and me
Nothing is the beginning and nothing is the end
But if you can’t find the strength, you can at least pretend
Coz as the saying goes, time heals all
I still await my rise from my lofty fall
Three different lovers three different hells
Three different stories are all I have left to tell

.     .    .