Source:  Juraj Varga from Pixabay

Painting vivid and vibrant once done
My eyes finally fetched on The One
Oblivious to which all other were
Eventually that stopped my sight to stir
Barely beholded the Canvas lay so because
Blatantly blank was all it was!

Exceptional it wasn't, yet exquisite for sure
Reminded me of all things that were pure
Of maiden so 'plain' as all's been declaring
her beauty who knew, knew better than caring
Of rare few friends who hear you complain
yet let know nobody a drop of their pain

Of soil so simple all round the sphere
Assortment of flora but so did it bear
None knows not of its precious presence
unless it's out, realising thence
Clean a canvas if not, thought I again
Would grow an artist out of a simple man?

Rising from reverie, pretty paintings about me I view,
and here lay the purest, waiting for a value.

.    .    .