Photo by Zino Bang from Pexels

Grow in silence,

That I call a reliance;

In that no one will choke

And break my heart like a joke.

It picks me up from the mess;

Sh! Hear the nothingness.

An escape from the raucous world,

And the stories which are themselves curled.

Imagination thrives in it;

Where the soul feels a certain grit.

It gives a meaning to the esse,

Sh! Hear the nothingness.

Silence has a lot to say

And shows an unerring way.

It holds answers,

That are as right as lancers.

It makes the erroneous situation redress;

Sh! Hear the nothingness.

It makes a person ablaze,

For 'tis more poignant than a phrase.

Silence is often misconceived as an uncanny situation;

In truth it's a peaceful combination.

It offers calmness and makes the hassle less.

Sh! Hear the nothingness.

Some thinks that 'tis traumatic,

While some thinks that it's erratic;

But though 'tis full of hope and not a runnel,

Verily it's like a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's like an ocean that's serene and pulls me from distress;

Sh! Hear the nothingness.


.   .   .