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“Feelings” may seem a small word but contains a meaning with a large expression. I am not talking about the physical feeling like when we feel hot or cold. But the feelings which we feel in our hearts. The happiness, the sadness, the joy after winning a game or achieving something in life by working hard.

Sometimes I think about what would happen if we can’t feel anything. If the feeling does not exist. Do you ever think about that? If we have nothing to feel, what would this life be? We are here. We are living this life because we can feel the little things. We feel for somebody, or we feel for something.

The feeling is like that little air that we can not see but has an important role in our life. Without oxygen do we ever live a life? Without feeling do we ever have meaning in this life?

Maybe most people think we live for family or money or for doing something in life or for achieving some success in life or to become famous in this world. But what can be the meaning of all those things if the feeling does not exist. If the love between our family members does not exist, do we ever think about living an alone life in this world? And do we ever think about earning money if there is no one to give the money, Do we ever feel the happiness of earning money?

After a long hard work, a long struggle when we get success we became emotionally happy, also one kind of feelings. We feel that happiness like we got the thing in life that we are waiting for so long. But if this happiness does not exist, do the hard-working ever have meaning in this life?

In our family members, the feeling that we mostly get is love. If we are talking about family feelings then first comes the parent’s love. They never express to you how much they can love you more than anybody else in this world. But you may feel it when you’re on a hard time. As I know many ones have complaints about their parents. Maybe this is because sometimes parents also don’t get the time to look for their child's feelings or become too attached to the child that they become a barrier to their own child’s success and that’s where the connection is lost. But I never feel like that, so I don’t think I should write anything about that.

But in the family, the next good feeling and connection is the sibling's love. The connection between siblings is most precious that may be sometimes you can not find it through parents' love. This special kind of feeling between siblings developed because they live lived together from childhood, they know each other so perfectly, they understand each other's happiness and sadness fully. In my opinion, the most strong and lovable feeling in this world is the sibling's love.

If we talked about another kind of family feeling, that is the love between our life partner. The love we share with an unknown person. According to me, there are very few people exist in this world who are getting their perfect partners. Those who are getting this unconditional love, feel for each other. They understand each other perfectly. Understand in the way that if they ever meet with each other after a long busy time, the feelings, the love, the connection never become less among them. The three things ‘love’, ‘connection’, ‘understanding’ are very much important in modern life relationships. Because we all know we are always busy in this life, we always don’t get much time to spend with each other. Sometimes it also happens that we can not express our love or how we feel for the other partner. But if then the other person at least tries to understand how another one feels then a relationship becomes more successful. If they value each other work and discuss problems and success with each other then I think it become a lovely relationship.

However, feelings just do not only exist for only among family. It also exists for someone else in this world other than a family member. This feeling is for an old man or woman in the street or the poor street child. The emotion that we feel for them is to do something for them. Sometimes we also go thinking about why them, why we have the food, we have the shelter but not them. What would be God’s so mistake that he/she give birth to somebody as poor as them? Maybe many of you also try to find the answers like me but do not have one. The feelings we have for this street child or the old people or the orphan may be called sympathy. I feel like the word ‘Sympathy’ looks like a small kind of word to many people. But is not this sympathy is something to urge to help the helpless people. So, how can that be small? It is also a valuable feeling. So we never need to hesitate if we feel sympathy for someone. We need to help them only when we can do that.

I also feel a different kind of feeling and think about that many times. I said is different because I don’t know how many people in this world feel like me. The feelings for a different person whom I don’t know perfectly. As a child when I have the feeling, I don’t understand. But now I can understand why I feel for them. I feel for them because of their work or their thoughts. When I see them doing something that I always wanted to do, or telling something meaningful words that touch my heart, then I felt for them. Sometimes I can not express these feelings or I did not understand this perfectly and can not grasp them perfectly. But it happens, the feelings for them happen and I feel. I am thankful for that feeling because it makes me feel to live this life. Come to me as a meaning in life. These feelings of mine may happen with anybody in this world, an actor in a movie or a teacher, a character in a book, or other persons that I met accidentally. This feeling arises when the connection of thoughts of them becomes similar to mine. But what do you think, what should we name this feeling? I think I always name it ‘respect’. When I feel for someone like this, my respect becomes greater and greater for them. And I’m always thankful to God to give me the chance to meet such people and for making my little life so beautiful where I always get the chance to feel, whether it is sadness or happiness.

Let’s also talk about the feelings of not just with the human being but with animals or nature. Yes, that is also a valuable one. If those feelings do not exist we can not understand the feelings fully. I observe that some people are very much attached to or feel for these animals or nature. I think it may happen because they never feel that kind of feelings with a human being, that they feel like loving these little animals and nature.

If we are talking about nature, it gives us a lot. Whenever we are hurt by our feelings from human beings, we can calm ourselves in this nature's wind, among those trees, or in the fragrance of flowers.

So, finally, with all those feelings I conclude that this life has no meaning if all those feelings do not exist. Even the sadness. Because if you are never sad or never feel hurt or never lose in life how will you accept and enjoy the happiness, the success, and the love in life? So all we have to do is live our life full of this happiness. And whenever you’re becoming so low or sad, try to feel it. But not so deep that you don’t get a chance to feel it again. Try to discuss it with the most trustable person but if you don't find one, try to feel it with the beauty of nature or if that does also not work, I will tell you to write it. Because writing has the power to conceive your sadness when nobody else in this world.

So lastly I want to say that“Without these feelings, we are becoming a piece of matter which have nothing to do in this World.”

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