Source: Alex Jones on Unsplash

In the last few days, I realized one thing in this world full of stress, insecurities, overwhelming emotions, negativity. We often don't realize all the beautiful yet small things which surround us. 

Sometimes it's a cup of coffee your mom puts in front of you and sometimes it's a random video call from your friends. sometimes it's a person selflessly putting a blanket on you and sometimes it's random text saying 'it reminds me of you'. Sometimes it's a flower or the photograph which brings back all the memories related to it and sometimes it's a person who listens to you without making you feel unheard.

Sometimes it's your dad laughing adorably at a joke and sometimes it's your favorite food to eat.

Sometimes it's your grandfathers' neverending blessings and sometimes it's a Lil baby you saw smiling on a road.

Sometimes it's your fav book you found from your childhood and sometimes it's a long-lost song you once loved.

Sometimes it's a hug from your pet and sometimes it's the stars you gaze at every night.

Sometimes it's someone you don't know and sometimes it's someone you wanna know.

Sometimes it's the sudden motivation you got to do everything and sometimes it's the best sleep after an exhausting day.

Sometimes it's a compliment from a stranger which makes ur day a Lil better and sometimes it's the sudden urge to cry coz 'I don't know'.

But there will be some days when you will feel nothing

Some days when you'll feel very lonely

Some days you are full of self-doubts and some days full of regrets

Some days you'll feel nobody understands you

And Some days you can't explain anything to anybody

Some days you will cry putting ur face under the pillow... hidden from everyone and some days you'll pour your heart out to a stranger 

Some days you'll feel like quitting everything

And Some days you feel like starting from the beginning

Some days you'll feel nobody loves you 

And somedays you'll feel you deserve more love

Some days you'll feel you are not enough

And some days you'll feel you want to be more than enough

Some days you want to know yourself

And some days you don't know anything abt yourself

Just wanna say that these 'some' moments are uncountable and will always be there you just have to choose which one you wanna hold up to... the sometimes or the somedays.

.    .    .