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Wait for the dawn when my words awaken you
Wait for the day when my words echo as yours
Wait for the dusk when my words complement you
Wait for the nights when my words are all yours

When the starry night dawns upon
When the moonlit eyes gaze upon
When the subtle smile shines upon
My words shall be your calming storm

We may tread divided paths someday
On times we agree, disagree we may
We may lead lives of fervor within
Or serenity shall reside in the skin

No matter the passion with which our hearts beat
No matter the world where our lives may meet
Remember my words with closed eyes
They were penned for you after a million tries

There shall be a time when my words don’t spill
A time when my blank sheets crave the ink
A time when my ink dries in its vessel
A time when the vessel is buried deep under

Until such day when time runs out
Let my words free, let them shout
They have seen the dark cabinet for years many
They have whispered in its nook and cranny

They seek the winds of freedom now
They dance to tunes of songs all new
They run to be heard by only you
But they run to be read by quite a few

.    .    .