Source: Annie on Unsplash

Let me tell you a story.
Which starts with
Once upon a time.
It is not as great as
Cinderella and Snow White,
But has a fairyland that you like.
Inside the girl's head
With big pure eyes and innocence shining behind,
Who doesn't know what the real world is like.
She lives like a princess
Who is beautiful and perfect,
Loved by all people
who respects her wishes.
Everything she wants is right before her,
The prince is waiting outside the door.
That's how she sees the world,
So beautiful and pure like her.
But the evil is just in the next castle,
Called reality and society.
Whom she meets,
As she grew up and stood on her foot,
Without the prince's help and glass shoes
With no clue about how to fight,
How to keep her fairyland alive.
That is when she realises,
After years of tears and learning how to stand after falling,
That the prince is not gonna appear to save her dignity and smile.
It's just going to be her, alone in her fight
With not so big innocent eyes and a slender frame to be a sight.
But strong and wild,
Willing to hold the weapons to survive.
To win over the evils to keep her fairyland alive.
And become the queen
She was meant to be all her life!

.    .    .