Source: Warren Wong on Unsplash

If you choose,
Not to express
My dear, you might loose
The close ones, in the journey, to impress.
You might lie,
In an ocean
Where you can't swim, you can only die.
So please express your emotions.
The women can forgive,
The women can impress.
But women don't forget,
And as a result, they all are depress.
In the journey of becoming,
A tough man.
You loose the opportunity of shining,
You loose the ones, who are ready to sit beside you as long as the can.
Accept the past,
Follow the future.
Because nothing lasts,
Because you're not born to be tortured.
You have feelings, show it
You felt bad,
Let people, know it
Because at the end, you'll only be sad.
This world isn't so bad,
As it seems.
Don't be sad,
Please don't hide your dreams.
You wanna fly, fly
You wanna dance, dance
Because life only once takes you to the sky,
Hold it, and never miss the chance.

.    .    .