Source: Harikrishnan Mangayil from Pixabay 

Our parents, relatives, and our close ones always encourage us to become doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. One profession they never tell us to get into is Politics. Why is that so? Is it not a reputed profession? Is it that bad? Is it dangerous? We all obviously know answers to these questions.

Politics is something common people complain about and famous personalities avoid commenting on it. Politics is vast, you have to keep digging to know the facts but how to know when to stop digging? How to avoid being personally affected by it?

The answer is if you really love our nation, there is no way to not get personally affected by this. The way to proceed with this is straight and simple. In the process of judgment, you need to have your intention clear which is for all of us – India!

No political party is absolutely crystal clear in its operations. Every political party will think about how to remain in power or get power. Every political party will work for its own personal gains and that is the reality we cannot possibly change. So, we as citizens have to evaluate which one helps us more to maintain our nation’s integrity, dignity, and pride globally. They say political views are opinionated but there is a common ground to which we all can relate is that -

We as a nation

Don’t want to be anybody’s puppet
Don’t want to be taken lightly
Want to be respected
Want to maintain our integrity, dignity, and pride

So I will only keep up with a political party until it benefits our India. I have heard many instances where people in India openly talk thrash about India, no one would dare to do this in any other country regarding their own country. There are many examples of the tolerance we have in India. For instance -

  • People openly yet indirectly voice their support against terrorists’ capital punishment?
  • Are terrorists getting released early from prison? Don’t they deserve a death sentence?
  • Protests in support of terrorists taking place in India?
  • Protests against movies which show the dreadful truth?
  • Are people residing in India going against the interests of India?

There are many such questions which boil our blood for real. I have been disturbed knowing and reading the truth too and you would be too if you really just google up stuff and read -

How many of the terrorists were jailed and released?

How many of the terrorists were actually given capital punishment?

You and I cannot possibly control these things but we must know the truth and not glorify people for nothing.

For me, the winner is the one who really gives it back to the people who try to harm, destroy and talk bullshit about our country.

War is considered to be a bad thing as it completely destructs everything but if they start it, we should know how to finish it with no mercy. You will reap what you sow!

While scrolling through the daily news, there isn’t a single day where all of the news is pleasant and happy rather they are horrifying and disturbing. When will this change you ask? – Never. We can’t force our views or opinions on someone, the same way we cannot expect people to be kinder, more truthful, more aware, and more righteous. All we can do is know the truth and express only and only the truth. Be honest with yourself and your own country.

 Jai Hind!

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