Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

"Time to start my journey again" the traveller shrugged and lifted his head
"l want to be there as soon as possible" he blatantly said
Grateful old man leaning on a stone gave a weak smile
"It's not safe, why don't you wait out the night here son
He blurted out to beguile

The traveller seemed shook
By the words he had just heard
Looked straight into the flickering gray eyes And scoffed with a smirk

"Rest is for the weak !
Indefatigable souls are destined to shine
As for you, dear old man, seems your cadaverous existence might be in it's prime"

"Aye, it appears as if i touched the hurting nerve Nonetheless, my intuition says you should get a companion by your side
To help you outsmart the daunting 'curve'

Suddenly something shimmered in traveller's head
Perfectly fitting lines smote upon his intellectual 'shrine'
With an air of novelty, he feverishly said "Down to Gehenna, or up to the Throne, He travels the fastest who travels alone"

Turned his back on the old man, he then proceeds
Incredibly satisfied with his answer
He coined it as one of his spectacular deeds
Hearkening to the moonlit stillness
Expecting no word from the rotten hag
Even his horse chomping in silence
Looked pleased with what master had just said
Then he heard noises waking up the tranquility
The old man was struggling to speak
And yes from that riveting gibberish
Came a deadly blow to one of his greatest deed

"When the snow falls and the white wind blows
When the freezing cold hits the rows
The lone wolf dies but the pack survives"

The traveller stood still
Trying to absorb every word off the fence
Whilst the 'gnarly-ill' continued
Making an obscure kind of sense

"Life isn't about the destination young man
Life isn't about the end
Neither it's about being the fastest Nor it's about being the trend Why would you want to travel fast ?
Only to get to the end ?
Just to acquire the success you always wanted ? Or just to feel the meaningless scend ?
"If destination is all that matters, if only thing matters is the edge
Best music conducters would be those who played the fastest
No more worrying about losing the sledge Doesn't it all seem like a facade ?
Desperate people endeavouring to get soared
If end is all that really matters
Crowd would go to concerts just to hear one crashing cord"

The traveller stayed glued, too scared to turn around Wondering if he was completely oblivious of the spark ?
All his beliefs were being put on a trial
Behind him, on the turf, was the biggest question mark
"All your life you wait for that big change Impatiently striving towards the 'numbing'
Hoping that one day you would run into your heavenly 'angel
Believing at the end adversity would just melt Yes, it's coming, it's coming and when it finally arrives
You don't feel so different from what you've always felt"

Non-plussed traveller felt the silence surging backwards
As the iconoclast's words settle down "What in the world am I supposed to do?" He asked
"Now that you've knocked off the deceptive crown"

Anguished traveller didn't let the shadowy stillness answer the old man's cry
His question stormed through the ambience
'Neath the starred and leafy sky
"Don't you feel the question is wrong ? Irrational thought of being rational thee
It's okay not to have all the answers
Follow not, the preconceived idea of what you ought to be"

"Let your worldly self and your inner being intertwine
Existence is musical and you shouldve danced while the music raged
But you missed the point whole way down the line"

"l never saw so young a body with so old a head
O ye son, listen carefully
It's never too late to start again as long as you aren't dead"

Still, ever widening curiosities of the traveller were just too hardbound
Finally, he turned back to look at the answers he wanted
But the 'seemingly sick' soul was nowhere to be found.

.     .     .