Source: Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

Were you my sun or something?
cause first I could barely look upto you
now when the goodbyes are near
I could get lose into your eyes forever
but when I look away, your glare
it reflects in everything I see
I know you belongs to the sky with the moon
your love is heart breaking
though it's fascinating
All the love you are saving for her
for those countless nights, she shine within you.
When the world saw only your scorching heat
she brought those beautiful moonlight from you
you are lucky indeed...

And your stupid little friends, the clouds
Sometimes when you disappear
I know you are partying behind them
all those weed you smoke I can see in rain clouds
And the liquor you pour out of sky,
the drum beats and the dj lights
It rains from me too but little bit salty I guess.
I know night will come soon
I can't keep the sun, right?
Till then can I stick around?

Please don't worry about me
I believe in time and space
You are not the only sun, okay?
maybe I will find another maybe not...

.    .    .