Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay 
"Negativity is serving the crooked compulsion of chaos, But positivity adheres to the most plausible and panaromic purpose of piousness."

Don't you all unanimously agree with me that we all are living in such a supercilious world where we all enunciate that it is indispensable to stay positive even in negatives and gruesome diasporas but when it comes to defining negatively or positivity or deliberating about the ways of sustaining complacency, we become ignorant.

"Negativity is the weed that takes one down near to his demise, Where positivity is the seed that brings one up and helps him to ultimately rise."

Negativity and positivity are two concepts made by human mind from the very commencement. They are not universal. A person feel lost, demotivated, dejected, woefully trash one time and other time gives the cries of eureka.

But the real insolvency always lies in the way one assess, evaluate and envisage the acrimonious and pestilent circumstances of life. Stephen hawking, one of the greatest scientists quoted that during the inception time of hitting with the catastrophic disease he thought that he won't live long but than a sudden realization hit him as he said "remember to look up at the stars and not down", his cynicism got alternated by compliance, he made inventions and discoveries that manifest creative mindset. According to Stephen Hawking there is no perfect and wholesome negative or positive in physics so as there is in life, the utopia of being positive and grateful is not that we would be happy all times, but in pragmatic thought process a more positive thought lessens the negative fervent and unleashes once creative potential. As the problem is not that, we have negative thoughts but the problem is that we believe that our thoughts are true. As Michael de montaigne correctly said that "my life has been full of terrible misfortune most of which never happened to me."

Even Charlie Chaplin once said," you will never find a rainbow, if you are looking down."

During the 1st world war, when atom bomb was being invented, Rober Oppenheir was told by his mates-how many more times are you gonna fail? Stop it. He said- I guess about 1000 times more, as Russia has failed around 500 times, USA 200 times, Germany have not even started and we have failed around 1000 times so, more of 1000 may be would be enough.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he lacked imagination and creativity according to them. From J K Rowling to Benjamin Franklin, from Thomas Edison to John Green, one thing to learn is-"one needs to create an equilibrium between positive and negative emotions and use this isostasy to attain callous creativity."

During the world cup of 1983, India vs West Indies, the chances of India winning it was just 20%, but still we won, there was no magic, no luck, it was all about the mindset, as Buddha says, "all we are, are the result of what we have thought".

Negativity is the never ending nerve wrecking nuisance created within men's mind that deteriorates and delimits it's power to foster and flourish in challenging and diresome situations.

If we learns to strip down the pessimist behaviour and acquire the embellished root of positive picturing than nothing could inhibit prodigious outcomes. One could practice cognitive restructuring that is based on the principle of cognitive mediation which says that how we feel either negative or positive on emotional level is not the result of what happens to us, but instead it's the result of how we think about what happened to us and cognitive defusion, i.e. stepping back from thoughts that we learn to see, the thoughts in our head are just thoughts not reality. This means if we became grateful for the things we already have in life, we would get attracted to accomplish and achieve similar things.

Therefore, at the end, we need to centrally focus on being happy by putting the toxicity at back burner and the positive coil in front of all that amplify to contrive the prolific innovative creativity during the plethora as said-"let's wipe out the paltry nostalgia of living in negativity,

Let not even a single geare of abysmal abberation perpetrate,

It's time to unravel the gift of gratitude of pertaining positivity,

As that can only inhibit choas and bring back the charisma and complicity to creatively chase."

- Leeza