Source: Quino Al on Unsplash

The astounding sunset prevailed over the horizon;
The silent, yet violent waters called upon me with their compelling grace.
The wind in my hair made my spirit dance with glee
As the music of the waves consumed me.
Sand between my toes, tranquillity in my heart -
I lost myself in the allure and yet somehow, I found myself.
The soft tides washed away all the anguish
And as the waves softly collided with my soul, I felt whole.
“How oblivious I was to this longing for bliss?” I thought,
For it bested every pensive fantasy my mind ever dared to envision.
I stood there, admiring the dreamy, breathtaking view,
Listening intently to the silent stories of the blue.
I ran into the waters with a broad smile spread across my face
And as I heard my heart pounding through my chest, I felt awake.
My mind drifted off as I closed my eyes and let the tides swallow me,
For until now, I was a stranger to this craving for serenity.
I watched as the ocean kissed the shore with its lazy rhythm;
The mesmerizing beauty of it all, finally clear to my vision.
Standing there, staring at the sun merging with the skyline,
I knew - this is my home, my safe place;
For what am I, if not one with the waves?

.    .    .