Image by Republica from Pixabay 

Life is a long quest to find nothing,

Every battle is real and every joy is a mirage,
Time threatens life as it passes with a swift,
Desires grow every day hoping for an uncertain harvest day
Mysteries make life adventurous,
Uncertainty becomes a companion for eternity,
All the twisted pains leave the hope hanging,
It looks like walking on a road that circles the same.
Destiny qualifies people to survive in the world,
Purpose qualifies each heartbeat to the grave,
Each morning is an extension of a lifetime,
Must not waste any of those to not regret in the grave.
There may be a hierarchy in life,
But smile and pain will always remain as a universal language,
Not the wealth that cures the pain and poverty that causes the wound,
It's the fate of humans to fight the battles.
Life for some people is like an unwritten page,
For some, it's an invisible written page,
For some, it's an incomplete page,
But the page is common for everyone,
Like the World is common for all the people.

.    .    .