Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

As I flipped through the pages of the days gone by, I paused at every moment and pondered, how fruitfully did I lead my life and what had I made out of it! Sitting there on my window sill sipping a cup of hot coffee and holding a pen, mildly though, between my lips, a diary lay on my lap, ready to receive the dreams that were filled in my eyes. It began drizzling and as the raindrops traced their path, one after the other, on my window pane I could see, in every drop, a glimpse of the times gone by. As the drops continued to gradually chase each other, they portrayed the days that had passed in a gify.

Having pursued degrees in Science and English and having had a good academic career, I am here standing successful as a teacher. Rated as a sincere student always, passing on the same legacy to my students wasn’t a cake walk though, but it wasn’t a rocket science either. But was that all that I had wanted!? As I closed my eyes and allowed the showers of raindrops caress my face….my heart blazed to write again…writing which I enjoyed always – anecdotes, events visited, people I met and if nothing then how I spent my day.

Images flashed in my mind, which were quite relatable, and yes….I accepted that, maybe, destiny had chosen this path and here I was treading on the path chosen by God.…. until I met a renowned artist one day, who is no less than a father – figure. His artworks always gave shivers and goose bumps as to how can emotions be made to float on paper in the most surreal way. I showed him some of my artworks and the words that he had uttered, still echoes in my mind. “Chetna, don’t ever leave your dreams” was all that he had said. He invited me to his exhibition which was around the corner.

As I reached the art gallery, and passed on, admiring his artwork, one after the next, I felt as if each one of them were speaking and calling out to me. I stood before an art piece which had an abstract figure of a woman with calmness and happiness portrayed in a way I had never seen before. A divine light shone from within the figure that contained all the colours and images that one can dream of. That painting had such an aura and everlasting effect on me that the eye within me had finally found the ‘I’ within me. And I opened my diary and began sketching another artwork for myself. 

.    .    .