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We all have witnessed the most life-threatening disease, that is, Coronavirus, started in 2020. Coronavirus is a communicable disease which means it can easily transfer from one person to another. It has dreadfully impacted millions of lives globally. No doubt, we all have lost our loved ones'. It has turned employed persons' into jobless, farmers with no food, middle class into poor class, mass killing of innocent migrant workers, in short, it has turned the brightest chapter of our lives into the darkest one's, where we had no choice, except, Death.

The situation became worse day-by-day. We have entered 2021 but with Coronavirus. The researchers, scientists, health organizations, all strove effortlessly to come up with a solution to cure it. But as such no permanent solution has come up, except, the vaccine which does not really protect the person entirely. Health is really important for all of us. And more important is to maintain our health. Because if we don't do, we can easily catch up with different disease and it can trigger the situation. It's totally on us whether we want to be healthy or how we want our body to be? So it's our responsibility to make a fair choice. Maintaining a good health includes physical exercise, which will help in keeping the body fit, balanced diet comprises of all essential nutrients, staying healthy mentally, away from depression and anxiety and much  more.

Now let's take a look at the symptoms of COVID and some basic ways to prevent ourselves to come in contact with the disease. Firstly, the symptoms are:- Headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, fever, cough, sore throat and much more.

WARNING SIGN:  Whenever you observe such symptoms in yourself, you should immediately contact the Doctor and get yourself quarantined. You should understand the fact that if you get infected, you can also infect your family members, friends or people around you. So be a responsible person and seek medical help on an an urgent basis.

If it's a mild fever and you don't observe any other symptoms then take one tablet of DOLO 650. Consume multi-vitamins tablet on a daily basis to boost your immunity. Along with the consumption of medicines, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, eat fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, maintain hygiene. You can also eat dry fruits but if you can't afford, it then you can drink milk with turmeric added in it or soya chunks or peanuts. 

Some of the basic ways to prevent the spread of disease are:-

  • Wear a mask properly. Ensure that your nose and mouth is properly covered.
  • Use hand gloves to avoid getting touched by people around you.
  • Use hand sanitizer all the time as it will help to kill the bacteria.
  • Avoid travelling if it's not urgent. Stay indoor as much as possible because you never know what can happen with you anytime and at any place.
  • Wash your hands properly as it will help to kill the germs.
  • Whenever you come from outside open your clothes, keep it away and take bath properly. Try using Dettol while bathing.  
  • Do not use other person mask or sanitizer. Ensure that you are living in a healthy and hygiene environment.
  • Do not share your things like water, food with others. As I have already mentioned that it's a communicable disease so its better to avoid.

Remember, its very important to take precaution at the first place itself so that you don't regret later. As our lives are on our own hands. Not only ours' but also others' lives too and we too need to become a responsible person.

Due to the ongoing situation most of the people have lost their dear ones' which at certain level have affected them mentally like they overthink, depression or anxiety. I totally understand their emotions. But it's also true that what has gone will never return. Instead, we need to gear up ourselves and stand like a strong pillar. We need to motivate ourselves because we all are in this together. Mental health is also a very serious concern. The most important thing is we should not stop smiling. When you smile it releases positive energy within yourself and your surrounding. We need to ensure that he or she is smiling and keeping others' happy too. This is also a way to boost up the immunity. The more you think, the more you will become negative.

First of all stop being corona conscious. What I mean by this is stop thinking about corona all the time like this or that can happen to you. Because that's going to affect you emotionally. Don't let it play and take over your emotions. It's you who will have to decide whether you want to fight or quit. Take a break from all this and do something which calms you down. For example, do yoga, meditation. Do something that interests you. And take all the precautions too. Trust me its the time to become a strong and be positive pillar for yourself and your family. Instead of getting demoralised,  stay positive.

Now looking at the vaccine found out by the scientists. So the vaccination drive started globally. People started getting vaccinated. Most people are afraid of getting vaccinated because they believe that they will die. To pinpoint, few deaths have taken place but I want to clear that vaccine is for boosting immunity. It will not protect you entirely. Even after taking vaccine, you can get infected but the vaccine will help you to fight with the disease and the end results won't be death. After taking vaccine one should stay at home for a week. It's necessary because one might get sick.

At last, I would like to say, try to help others who are in need. We have to be backbone of one other at this time. Through support we can win the war against corona. Take care of yourself and your family. Dnd don't forget to smile.