Source: Ashleigh Robertson on Unsplash

The dripping song
Of the unputdownable tap
Greets the heavy brain
As the door closes on the sunlight

The dust seems to swirl
In the light hue of the streetlight
it yells "I'm tired" to my throbbing skull
As I lay my skeleton on the pillowy belly of the devil

Severed have I
All my ties to myself
It constitutes a shell now
And there's no pearl inside

It's the cost of ideals they say
To stand beside them always
Even with a heavy heart
Or a face that wears a smile

Day after day I sit inside the same dingy four walls
I try to speak
But all I can muster
Is a scattered breath here and there

But it's not all in waste
When my lids blind the real
I finally see
As I look on into the light

I dream of green grass on my back
Hear the homebound song of the winged
I dream of a deep breath
unfettered by troubles of the day

.    .    .