Source: Varun Kulkarni from Pixabay 

Drooping heads and sweaty brows 
Greet the sun as it goes out. 
Sound the horn
For the cattle is to return home

The bustle of the streets caught up to me
It's as if it tried to take me away with it
Alas! I was a thinker
And it threw me back into the coldness

I put my head upon a nook and my leg on the cranny
Was I lifelike or was I empty?
A voice that resided within asked me
Is it you that controls you or is it destiny?

The world fell silent
I was left on my knees
The lights on the street went out
All I heard was my rising heartbeat

I perspired ominously
At the thought of my approaching synthesis
It was a different place
As I see the lights coming towards me

The sound roused me to my senses
It struck against my overbearing pensiveness
Was I meant to end in the same lane?

There can only be one way
To hug to love and to play
The world doesn't make sense to me
I don't understand but I want to stay
All I ever wanted to do was stay. 

.     .     .