Image by Joe from Pixabay 

Why is a success only about money?
In being far from being rich isn't there enough honey?
Who wrongly defined success for all?
Whoever be it, they must fall. Shouldn't only stellar wisdom stand tall?
What is the cost of accumulating wealth?
To not feel diminished in the public eye don't the wealthy calculate it by stealth?
Why are material possessions valued higher than relationships?
Why are we journeying on different ships?
Why do we arch before the rich and stand akimbo before others?
Aren’t we all brothers?
How much more than the need do you want to own?
How many seeds of misery do you want sown?
Why not go a little slow?
Why think that would mean going low?
Where are we destined for? For what is our education?
Ha! In this sick world where is the time for such thoughts of medication?
What exactly is our disease? Who has the cure?
Why should these matter when the disease itself is the lure?
What explains the atrocious norm of cupidity?
Can't we hear happiness guffaw over this stupidity?
Why are children seen as race horses? Why is their world a turf?
Is there any purpose served in making their lives tough?
Has anyone emerged from the rat race gleaming like the cat that got the cream?
Yes, they have, but isn't it only in their dream?
Why is there this nasty thing called bribe?
Why are the takers of it a growing tribe?
Why are charming ancestral homes pulled down to make way for opulent high rises?
Is bonding with the richly emotional past among horrible vices?
I'm jostled by the crowd of questions. Inflaming the situation is the blazing sun.
To the shade of a gulmohar I eagerly run.
Under the tree I'm joined by this fellow from the crowd : is happiness really hard to get?
Like the ineffable shade of the tree it is cost-free and all around us. Why haven’t we realized it yet?

.    .    .