We all know Bill Gates right? yes he is a million-dollar deal and a billionaire just in case you didn't have any idea about it; I mean u don't live under rocks right.... (just a wild and inappropriate sense of humor of mine; right... So let's get back to Bill he was a good learned boy during his school days and made his family proud and his actual name is William Henry Gates. His school's name was Lakeside School in the United States. His father was a prominent lawyer and wanted his son to surpass his legacy and be the same but Bill's world was different and it had the soul of computers. Who ! would have known that he would entirely change the history of computer software programmes.

Most of the time at his school he would spend hours in computer classes and it interested and amazed him. He became friends with Paul Allen as they had the same mindset and interested both of them. In 1970 both of them created a computer software programme at a very young age now that sounds Greek to us but this computer software programme gave him a deal of twenty thousand dollars. He was such a young spirit who wanted to break the rules of the computer world and fix it again with his majestic virtues.

Bill completed his high school with flying colours and his dad admitted him into Harvard so that he could study law; but the law didn't make friends with Bill and after some time he with his friend Paul Allen started Microsoft. They both started working hard and got fruitful results.

In 1980 IBM a computer giant company offered both Bill and Allen a deal of fifty thousand dollars so that they could use their software. Microsoft had a turnover of 4 billion in 1983. We all have heard about Window's yes it is a historical computer programme and the first version of it started in 1986 which not only made Bill Gates a billionaire at the age of 31 and one of the most inspiring men of that era and the legacy continues. He now with his wife runs a non-governmental organization and does work for charity and helps the destitute.

Bill Gates has been inspiring us for a long time by not caring about what people think of our dreams and making them real when nobody believes in us. His ideologies like never comparing yourself with other people and their achievements and dying poor and destitute and working hard four our dreams are absolute truth of this planet earth.

It's definitely not like he hasn't failed any tests. In a recent interview, he said that the topper of his class is an engineer at the company; he is the CEO of. Bill Gates has one of the strongest and most powerful careers of all time. It is said that if all his money is combined it can create a nation which is not only well facilitated but also one of the richest nations in the world. In one minute he earns million dollars and he is achieving heights but is not high-headed and humble and never shown a bad demeanour.

As Bill correctly says "Success is a lousy teacher; it seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."
He meant by saying this that we become high-headed by the rush of success and we are blinded by its lights and we must not ignore simple things in our life. Bill Gates was influenced by Dr. Henry Edward Roberts and wanted to be like him and again the legacy continues Mark Zuckerberg considers Bill Gates as his hero(? btw he is the founder of Facebook). Bill Gates has helped millions of people by doing charity and feeding the poor and is in the good books of people. Now the yardstick is what inspires me the most about Bill... I get inspired by him not because he is a billionaire not because he is the CEO of world-famous tycoon Microsoft but because of his knowledge and his hard work and simple nature. And here I rest my thoughts by saying this we all can achieve whatever we strive for and keep working hard! I hope u would like this short yet meaningful compilation by me about my role model in my life so yes he is a million-dollar deal!!

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