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It was Wednesday, 02 March 2022, I just had come back from the office today, I left a bit early and was planning to take a nap on the rocking chair as which was placed on the porch as I was going to take a nap I noticed something familiar was lurking behind the coffee table, a red sweater with white wave like pattern just like the one my mother used to knit for me when I was a young boy, it reminded me of her, and I don’t know for what reason was attracted toward it as it looked like it was not inanimate anymore but had feelings like animates do and I heard it speak directly to me asking “how was your day” as my mom used to ask me every day when I used to get home after long hours of work at the office and it felt good, it felt good because there was someone who was looking out for me when I myself wasn’t able to look after myself.

At that time I had just graduated and got a job at a firm as an project head, at that time my job was the most important thing in my life nothing else mattered and I too gave all I had to offer, the project I was working on required tough work and long hours and I often used to forget having lunch or taking a break as I was the head of the project and since it was my first project I had to ace it in order to show what I am, and what I can do, and I’m capable of accomplishing if given a chance to, I had to do it for my career sake and I would return home every day, frustrated over the long hours and no lunch breaks and just shouted on everyone at home for little things which weren’t worth even remembering but I did anyway and most of this anger went on my mother but she never said anything but instead asked me, how I was, how was work today, have you had lunch today or you forgot again? there was a omnipresent smile on her face always as she asked about stuffs and I used to tell her “don’t bother me mom” and she would say “okay, okay baba I won’t ask again” but she surely did everyday to make sure that I was okay without asking anything in return, taking care of everything, even the things which I didn’t asked her for but she did anyway and knew what I need and when I needed my things and provided those things even prior to me asking for them to her.

And suddenly, I snapped out of that flashback as a cat pushed the coffee mug down the table and I began asking to myself why does these memories just popped right out of my mind after 8 years of that period and my eyes went wet and tears started to roll as these were the last memories which I had with my mother after which she suddenly died with no sign of prior illness but was just gone vanished in thin air. I wish I could turn back time and return to that period and be nice to her and everyone else but the deed was done. All I can just do is lament and grieve because time never turns.

“Thoughts are like time-traveller, sometime they bring they joy of what is going to be, and sometimes the grief of what has happened"

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