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Sleep is very important not for physical health but also for mental health. It is very important to have a good quality sleep. Good sleep keeps the mind and body healthy. A person who sleeps well for 7 hours is healthier than a person who sleeps for 9 hours but gets disturbed, wakes up during the night, and wakes up with low energy and tiredness.

Some of the benefits of having a good sleep:

  1. Good Quality sleep reduces the risk of diseases like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and diabetes.
  2. Sleep improves memory. It keeps the mind fresh and helps in attracting new innovative ideas. It sharpens the thinking ability.
  3. Sleep also makes one look more attractive. It also improves sex life.
  4. Having a good sleep strengthens the immune system.
  5. Sleep helps to control weight and makes one feel happier, energetic, and healthier heart.

Some useful tips for having Good Quality Sleep:

  1. People should keep themselves physically active. One should do exercise regularly and go for an evening walk. It will make the body have a good quality of sleep.
  2. People should avoid having more tea, caffeine, soda, and beverages. Consumption of such drinks often leads to constipation, bloating, and acidity problems which disturb sleep.
  3. People should distance themselves from unnecessary notifications and scrolling social media notifications.
  4. People should limit the day naps. It is observed that people who have day naps find it difficult in having a good quality sleep.
  5. People should have a light dinner. People should avoid going to a bed on a full or empty stomach. People should avoid having pizza, fast food, chole-bhature, etc. for dinner.
  6. People should have a fixed sleeping time. They should use comfortable bed mattresses, bedsheets, and pillows. Having a well-ventilated room is also necessary for having a good quality sleep.
  7. People should limit their time on screen, mobile, computers, and television.
  8. People should wash their hands and legs with water before going to bed.
  9. People should avoid drinking lots of water just before going to sleep.
  10. People should avoid unnecessary gossip and discussions. It is observed that people who talk late at night feel lazy and less energetic as they are not able to have sound sleep.
  11. Reading good books help in gaining good quality sleep. Reading is the best eyes exercise.
  12. People can have eye meditation and other meditation. It helps in having a quality sleep.
  13. Having a correct sleeping posture is also very important for having a good sleep
  14. People should consume less smoke and alcohol to have good sleep.
  15. Outdoor games like badminton are very good for eye exercise. This not makes one physically active but also makes one sleep well.

Sleeping is very important for a healthy life. People who are not able to have good sleep are often stressed, depressed, lazy, inactive, and fall ill. People should try to sleep on time. it also improves the confidence level and immunity in humans. Some of the best foods one can have before bedtime are banana, turmeric milk, honey, kiwi, and lemon tea. However, one should avoid having spicy food, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, cheese, and fatty food. People who sleep properly are actually blessed as they feel active and happy in life.

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