Image by Rahul Bhattacharya from Pixabay 

Navratri is a festival in which we worship Goddess Durga. People observe the fast and worship goddess Durga and her forms. Goddess Durga is a symbol of bravery, courage, and purity. Now a day there are many crimes in our society. There is a need to bring some drastic change in the Meaning of Navratri.

There are nine different meanings for Navratri!

1. There is a need to change our perspective toward Women. Women, now need to be treated the same way as we treat our God. They should never be cheated in a relationship, misbehaved, or disrespectful. We should promise Goddess Durga that we will respect everyone.

2. Goddess Durga is worshipped for nine days. These days we daily clean, keep ourselves clean, mind clean. It is very important to keep yourself positive and keep your soul and mind clean. We should not harm others.

3. It is observed that people keep fast during Navratri The reason behind having fast is to keep our body healthy. We stay away from non-vegetarian and spiced food. Today, with so fast living style, we need to understand that we should always keep our bodies healthy. Due to covid, many people have lost their lives, so we need to strengthen our immunity.

4. The Navratri is the festival that reminds us of our duty. We must perform our duties and responsibilities in life. We all have responsibilities towards our society and family. We should plant more and more trees, help the needy people, and share food, in form of Bhandara or share food as per one wish. People on the eighth day or Ashtami, or ninth day offer Bhandara. This is a very kind and noble way to share food with needy people.

5. It is very important to be self-reliant and self-dependent. There can be many problems in life. One should be self-dependent and confident to defeat the worries or problems in life. Just like Goddess Durga was on fast and was fighting with evil Mahisasur. We must also have the capability to fight evil in form of lies, worries, insecurities, negativity, etc.

6. It is observed that people pray to the idol of Goddess Durga. After completing of nine days, they immerse the idols and other worship materials in water, river, ponds, etc. By doing so, they not only disrespect the Goddess Durga but also disrespect and harm nature. We should take care of nature and should worship Goddess Durga simply and keep it in mind nature.

7. "Where you can't respect your old parents, God never resides in the house". The Navratri festival is not just about worshipping Goddess Durga but also respecting and taking care of her form. The parents are the form of God. One should love and respect them. There is a different and unique way one can celebrate Navratri. People can visit old age houses, or children's orphanages and distribute sweets, clothes, and food to them. They will also feel good.

8. During Navratri, we sing Aarti and bhajans. It is very important to have meditation and spiritual connectivity. Listening to bhajans and songs helps us heal our sufferings.

9. The nine Navratri where earlier Goddess Durga was on fast defeating the evil Mahisasur. It tells us to keep patience. We have to work hard. And we will get success earlier or later, but there will be a success.

So one should keep patience and trust in God and Himself.

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