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Mother’s Day is celebrated every year in more than 46 countries of the world. The Mother’s Day is celebrated in many parts of country across the world in order to express the concern, love, respect, care and honor towards the mother.

The Mother’s Day was first celebrated in US in 1908. It is believed that ‘Anna Jarvis’ held a memorial for her mother because her mother expressed the wish to hold the memorial after her death. Latter after the three years of her mother death, Anna Jarvis held a memorial ceremony on May 10, 1908 at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. Earlier. Mother’s Day was celebrated mainly in western countries. But now it is celebrated across various nations. Latter, in US, the second Sunday of may was officially designated as Mother’s Day and was declared national holiday in United State of America.

A mother’s love is an unconditional love. She loves the children without expecting anything in return. The mother is one’s first teacher and the first friend of the children. She works 365 days without complaining. The mother carries her child in her womb and nurtures child, provides best of nutrients and food from day she carries the baby. Mother, never gets tired and continuously works for the children. intact, the religion, either it is Islam or Hinduism, the status of mother is above the God. SO, it is very important to celebrate the day, making mother feel important. Mother guides us and shows the right path throughout the life journey.

Mother also teaches us management and life lessons. How to manage time on productive task, how to manage expenses and do savings, and how to keep body stress free. It would be not wrong to say, Mother is one’s first teacher.

Now a days, the Mother’s Day is celebrated in schools. Most of countries, celebrate Mother’s Day on second Sunday of Month-May.

Correlating with prevailing social issue-need to celebrate

Now a days, there are people who are getting selfish and money minded. They have forgotten the moral values they have learnt while they were young. When parents get old, or when the mother loses her partner and gets alone, there are many children who sends old mothers to old age houses or treats the mother as house maids. They forget all sacrifice and unconditional love the mother has shared with their children. After some time, when old mother is financially, mentally and emotionally weak, mother is fully dependent on her children. But because of people, running towards earning money and minimizing the expenses, they treat the mother as burden.

There are many old age houses in country like India, where the mother is in pain and emotional break down. There is need to celebrate Mother’s Day. The day should be celebrated in every school from pre-nursery. So that the children knows the importance of GOD-figure Mother. The moral values can be inculcated from basic year of learning. Once the children know the importance of Mothers and sacrifices done, they will never send their mothers to such old age houses.

Earth, the place we live, is also our mother-known as mother earth. Like we care and love our mother, one need to take care of mother earth also. They should grow more and more trees, reduce pollution, reuse, take care of nature.

“Mothers Lap is only place, where one gets real peace of mind”

This year 2021, Mother’s Day is on 9 may 2021.On this day, the children express their feelings and gratitude to mother and thank her for her unstoppable service towards the children. on Mother’s Day, school management organizes many events and competition for kids like essay competition, best from waste, art, drawing, card making etc. the only aim for organizing such events in school, is to incorporate moral values in children and make them learn to respect and care the Mother, who has sacrificed her happiness to bring happiness in children’s life.

Top 10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

Mother is very special person in everyone’s life. There are many gift ideas for making her feel special on Mother’s Day:

  1. Handmade cards/photo frames or collage: It is very creative idea to express the love towards Mother. By making hand made cards, or photo frames, they can express their love towards Mother. Toddlers can make hand painting, and other children or adults can make beautiful collage from the best memories which can be re-lived
  2. Personalized Gifts: It is another gift idea which is very popular. Personalized gifts include candles, cushions, mugs, frames, apron, water bottles etc. There are many online and offline stores which provides these services.
  3. Plants: Now a days, there are many online service providers who provide the beautiful indoor plants. Some plants like money plant, bamboo, Syngonium plant, Aglaonema Plants etc. can be gifted with beautiful small pots. However, one can design a personalized quote or wish for the mother. The gift also brings positivity, good atmosphere and good luck in one’s life. There are many nurseries in local area, one can visit and buy any favorite plants to gift the mother on Mother’s Day.
  4. Book a spa/ Pedicure/facial or massage Package: Mother is the one who works for 24*7. She doesn’t have any holiday and she always take care of the children, no matter how ill she is. So, to make her free from stress, and make her feel relax one can book body spa, hair spa. Pedicure and other such services. Taking an appointment for nail another can also be another surprise for Mother’s Day.
  5. Jewelry: The jewelry is one of ever green gift. One can gift jewelry to the Mother. The Jewelry can be of silver, gold, diamond, platinum, artificial jewelry, beads etc. there are many options among Jewelry like-chain, pendant, anklet, bangle, ring etc. For kids, there are many art supplies available on market from which they can make colorful necklace. However, there are many online sites like, which provides lots of gifts options.
  6. Plan for a surprise Dinner: Another best gift one can give to the mother is Planning a surprise breakfast, lunch or dinner for the Mother. One can take the mother to her favorite hotel or can prepare the food at home.
  7. Purses/ Books: The books and purses are another gift option. There are many online platform or offline stores which offers huge discount on branded and non-branded hand bags, sling bags or purses. Many people are fond of reading good books. one can keep this as an option. For young toddles and kids, they can prepare a scrap book and gift the mother the scrap book.
  8. Candles with Quotes: The another beautiful and an innovative idea to gift on mother day is make candle using wax or can purchase candles online. There are many stores which sells customized candles and can add some quotes or wishes on candle.
  9. Dresses: The dresses can be another alternative gift idea for Mother’s Day. BUT one need to know the exact size and consider the choice of the mother while purchasing the dress
  10. Cake and Sweets: The Mother’s Day should be not a single day, one should take care of mother. But one should love, respect and take care of the mother each day. Another gift option is bringing a cake or sweet of mother’s choice and celebrate the day with mother by spending time with her.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day for a single day is not enough to express love and respect towards mother. Each day, one can show concern and care towards mother by helping her in her work, not creating troubles for her. However, each mother would like from their children that their children respect girl and other people in society and not do any crime which questions her upbringing. Mother’s Day should be always celebrated and children should always be thankful to their mother and mother earth for always taking care of them. 

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