Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay 

The girls aren't Safe anywhere,
Irrespective of the age,
They are being raped!
They are Physically Tortured!
And whom to blame??
The poor mindset of society! 
She was raped because she wore small clothes?
She was raped because she was alone?
She was raped because she was travelling in public transport!???
She was raped because she wanted! 
And uncountable reasons to blame!
Shame on society,
Who can't punish the men! aren't they human!
Aren't they nurtured by own sister!
The problem is,
Unequal treatment!
Let's promise,
No men to be forgiven for doing rape or eve-teasing!
Save our Society,
From Devil rapist!
They are creating holes in the growth of the nation,
Let's make India Rape free country.

.    .    .