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Health is defined as a state of being physically, mentally, and socially fit. A person who is physically fit doesn’t mean he is Healthy. Mental Health is equally important as physical health. Nowadays, people are just focusing on maintaining their body, but don’t give time to mental health. According to WHO, 1 person dies every 40 seconds from suicide.

According to World Health Organization, Mental Health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his ability to cope with the  day-to-day stress. Failing to cope with stress, will surely lead to illness related to state of mind. If person is mentally fit, he enjoys quality of life, stays happy, calm, composed, joyful and satisfied throughout his life span. The mental health not only affect an individual but also the society and Nation. Mental Illness affects our thinking level, feeling, anger, behavior and state of mind. The mental illness can be acute or chronic. The long-lasting illness is the reason of stress, depression, insomnia, heart illness etc. The biggest asset one can own is Good Health - physically, mentally and socially wellbeing.

People with good mental health are very lively, happy, have sense of contentment, live the life happily with zest and zeal, enjoys social life, develops new skills, adaptable, have good work life balance, self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are various causes of Mental Illness. One of the factors for mental disorder is family history. Generally, it is found that children whose parents or grandparents suffer from stress, or any mental illness such as insomnia, depression also suffer from same. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, nervous breakdown, heart attack are the major caused due to mental illness. There are several factors that affect the mental illness. Life experience is another reason affecting our mental health. Mental health also has its impact on physical health. Due to stress, physical health also gets affected. Who are the ones who get stress or are mentally ill? Well, it’s not just adults who gets stressed, but children also get stressed. The mental sickness has no age boundaries. The child is stressed with his result, studies, carrier. The women are stressed if she is not able to conceive, during her pregnancy, old people are stressed because of pensions and future earnings. So, mental health is pervasive. It is all present.

Life experiences, which are bad surely leads to stress, anxiety. There are many times we are cornered or ignored by major people. In Bollywood, there are actors who are neglected by directors, producers which often leads to stress. The stress level can vary from person to person. There are many incidences like sex abuse, acid attacks, bully in college, which creates negative thoughts in mind. Sometimes people are so stress that they take an extreme step of suicide, hurting themselves or society. Bad experiences, however should not be affecting our lives. One should stay strong and face the bad experiences. Emotional abuse, physical or sexual abuse also affect the mental state. Factors like death of parents at early age, loss of child, pregnancy termination, abortion also affect the mental health. Due to such miss happening, person is not able to cope up with situation. Sometimes, the stress is beyond the control that person is attracted towards drug addiction.

The chronic diseases like Cancer, AIDS, diabetes also leads to mental ill-health. Other major cause of mental illness is poor friends circle, feeling lonely or isolated.

here are several symptoms which are reasons for mental ill health like anger, mood swings, restricting oneself to themselves, seeing or hearing things which aren’t there, loosing hope, thoughts of ending up life, sleeping too much or no sleep.

Other major causes of stress or mental illness are divorce, failed marriage, poor family relationships, job loss, social negligence. Mental health doesn’t mean no stress or no grief. it’s very normal to have stress in our daily life. What matters is how to face it.

The Peace of Mind Is attained through Meditation. Now a days, it is very important to manage the stress level. One should practice meditation, yoga or aerobics to keep themselves stress free. Life should be simple, and stress free. Exercise in form of morning walk, aerobics, dance, swimming or cycling not only will make one physically strong, but also mentally and emotionally fit.

People with good mental health are very lively, happy, have sense of contentment, live the life happily with zest and zeal, enjoys social life, develops new skills, adaptable, have good work life balance, self-confidence and self-esteem.


The above quote is rightly said in today’s scenario. The money can’t provide us the good mental state.

There are many rich people who have lost their life because of mental illness. So, what is important is keeping peace of mind, staying calm and is very important to manage the mental health. Not because for oneself, but for society, for family and for nation. The other alternatives to keep good mental health are- talk about your feelings, problems with someone. Either he is your friend, family or relative, one should open himself. If person doesn’t open up, he or she will feel lonely, depressed, stressed resulting in poor mental health. Eating habits also have great impact on our mental health. One should eat healthy, balanced food, avoid junk food, drink enough of water, eat on time and not just few minutes before bad. Keeping oneself active, busy is another way to have good mental health.

One cannot run from day to day stress. Mental Health should not be often confused with physiological illness or madness. If person is stressed, depressed it doesn’t mean he is mad. Rather, one should make himself strong enough to fight with stress, depression.

‘Health Is Wealth’. We should remember that if we are healthy, our family will be healthy and so our society will be. Mental health is very important to take care of. The best medicine to keep yourself mentally fit is stay happy, stay focused, exercise, eat healthy and open your feelings. don’t feel obsessed, alone or isolated. 

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