Source: Monika Kozub on Unsplash

She was all ready,
Dolled up to grace,
Little did she knew,
She had to go to a new phase,
She stood up,
Noticed a tiny red dot.
Embarrassed seeing it.
She concealed it with her cloth,
It went on flowing,
Thinking this is an issue She started crying,
Some saw her and went,
Poor soul started weeping again.

 The dot is visible again now,
She stood up and went,
Little did she knew,
Her Mom is waiting to teach her women things again,
Forbidden from worshipping,
She wondered if God really believed in this thing,
Forbidden to go to kitchen,
wondering if food be rotten by her touch her heart is left shaken,
You're impure,
She wondered if impurity can give rise to a new life,
And for once she asked these worries,
She was Made quite again,
Saying Shhhhhh this isn't to talk about,
This isn't to talk about.

.    .    .