Source: Ambroo from Pixabay 

After breaking your heart into a million little pieces, a million little times, it stops beating. Yet, you are asked to live afterlife. Is it fair? Isn't a lifetime enough to carry the burden of exhausting humanness, that we must drag it down into unearthly worlds?

We often spend our lives trying to find a 'happily ever after' but in search of the end, we ignore the journey. Happiness is not an 'ever after', it is an emotion that we feel on certain paths of our voyage. Are we to spend, a whole afterlife believing in a fantasy-like ending.

In search of the 'treasure', we spend every stage of our life, anxious about the next one. We study hard in high school to get into a good college, then we take loans to educate ourselves so we can get a job to pay off those loans and knowledge. Is it worth getting stuck in this vicious cycle of life just to repeat it?

After living this ruthless pattern of circus, they burn down the show, send home the horses, jugglers and the rodeo clown, and leave us on a tightrope to walk over the afterlife, live another stage of existence. It doesn't seem fair to let me prove my unworthy humanness to the angles in the sky or demons underground. So, when I'll finally close my eyes, I wish to see the oblivious dark, not the bright light.

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