Source:  Amit Jain on Unsplash

Oh, what a dark night it was
Leaves ruffling with cold breeze
She rubbed her shivering hands together trying not to freeze
The eerie silence of the woods was eating her alive
After all it was the first time she was outside her house since she was five
Yes, yes, she was caged in her house all her life
Her whole existence was to train to be a good wife
That was all she was told, that was all she heard
Till one day, she grew some wings and flew away this little bird
She ran towards the woods,
For she knew nobody will search for her there,
For in the woods, there resides a beast, that all villagers fear
Though she always found these stories fake
She took a chance and left to see what turn her destiny will take
She flinched to the sound of a cat meowing
Looked a bit far and found a fire blowing
Near the fire, sat a fluffy white cat
But she grew tensed to see where it was at
On the lap of a man as huge as a bear
He was sitting there facing away from her
And as if he could feel her, he turned around
And held a breath at what he found
A beauty was standing there, her hair long and brown
Her mesmerizing hazel eyes searching his own
But reality kicked him hard and he again faced away
For he knew, now that she saw him, she will also run away
But for her it seemed as if her body froze
And even though, she could see the two long scars on his face
She didn’t feel afraid, away from him, she didn’t race
 for even for the littlest time That their eyes met
 She could tell he was no beast
As if he heard her thoughts, he once again turned his gaze
And much to his surprise there she was, in a daze
Then he noticed her ragging breath and trembling throat
With a bottle of water in his hand,
He went near her with steps so slow
To ensure her that she is safe
But she already knew it and his actions proved it again
Not all those with scars are beast
For one should look in their eyes once at least
Before judging them or falling them apart
For sometimes even the beast has a heart
And the scars are nothing just some untold stories in the form of Art

.    .    .