Image by Andrew Poynton from Pixabay 

The end of life,
The myth of fight,
The knowledge of light.
Disappear like Mirage,
When negativity arise
In the brain.
The path of ‘MOKSA’,
The hype of ‘YOGA’,
The end of ‘HOPE’.
It all becomes silent
Inside the brain.
Laziness arises and ruins strength.
Attachment makes delusional.
Broken soul makes pessimist.
Failure gives pain but
You can overcome it with optimism.
The life cycle will be on the track again.
You will see the light of knowledge.
You will understand the fight of myth.
You will start your journey of life again.
Ignorance creates fear,
Knowledge put an invisible ink on fear.
It disappears like a deer
When a lion comes and
The lion is your inner fresh spirit.
It develops your knowledge.
Free your lion and lock your deer.
Sharpen your brain with healthy foods.
Strengthen your physicality with Yoga.
Calm your mind chattering with meditation.
You will start living a good life.
At the end of physical life,
You will get ‘MOKSA’.

.    .    .