Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

Little jack (12 years old) was finding his video game under the bed.

He thought his mother hide it from him,

He never listened to his mother and always plays video game,

His brain was sharp but his physical body was weak,

Little jacks mother thought if I hide video game then it would be good,

She hides it on a playground around 100 meters.

He went outside to find his video game

He became so lazy and made himself under house arrest during pandemic,

He was slowly approaching for getting his video game then finally he found it,

He was exhaust because of approx 130 meter journey,

He was actually got tired because of his lazy habit,

He found after getting video games that kids were playing in the ground

He loved how they were enjoying and he joined them

His mother was seeing him from a long distance

She got very happy that he starts loving going outside and play.

He came after playing for over 4 hours and was tired.

His mother gives him fruit juice made with orange.

His mother told him “how was your day son”

He replied “very cool mom, I decided”

His mother replied “what you have decided my son”

He told her “I will play outdoor games everyday”

His mother told him with laughing face “but you love video games”

He told her “no from today I will play outdoor game and also video game but less”

Her mother replied “finally you understood why I hide that game so far”

He said “actually I didn’t understand mom please tell me”

Her mom said “Physical fitness can grow your mental strength more than before”

He said “How?”

Her mom said “What you enjoyed more outdoor game or video game?”

He said with smile on his face and proudly said “outside game”

His mom said “what you have felt inside or outside?”

He said “I got exhaust but I was enjoying because others were playing so why should I give up”

His mom said “This is the reason my son.”

He said “what is the reason?”

She told him “You became steady and hardworking like others because they were not giving up so you did not stop playing”

She added “listen son your will power increased because of them because competition is very good”

He said “Yes mom because of them I did not stop playing rather I was giving them tough competition”

His mother replied “just don’t made them your enemy but a friendly competitor”

He said “yes mom”.

His mom was happy then they ate together after his father’s arrival.

During starts of pandemic kids and teenagers became so bondage like they are in house arrest.

Some teenagers became lazy and mentally depressed from inside.

Some kids under five years got some serious physical problems like speech delay.

We need to tell our kids to play outside because it will grow their physical strength

It will also increase their mental strength by developing their intelligence and spirituality.

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