Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

I was battling my depression and stress.
It was caused by my past bad memories.
Childhood and early adulthood Trauma dismantle me from inside.
I was so apathetic that I became lazy from inside and outside.
My will for working on my passion had lost its way.
I was looking for a bright and an inspirational ray.
One day my uncle gave me two books on spirituality.
My mind starts to change rapidly and went towards self-realization and self-dignity.
The two books were Sanatan book The Holy Geeta and The Holy Bible.
These two books inspired me and slowly it was making me a noble.
I was learning through the books and experiences which I gathered in past.
My knowledge was increasing and finally reached a bit of wisdom at last.
After then I started to do yoga and physical exercise.
It has Improved both of my physical and mental strength and its size.
My consciousness goes further when I started to read both Hanuman Chalisa and Buddha's story on regular basis.
I still can’t control my anger perfectly but I reduced the bad effect of anger.
I can get out of any adverse situation or danger.
My presence of mind reached a higher level.
I get into trouble but get out of it without becoming a rebel.
I started to act calmly whenever anger tried to control me.
I acted bravely on every hassle but without using my hands and knees.
I understood the power of good talking and politeness while behaving.
Each hassle reminds me that inner spirit was flowing inside me while I acted bravely but did not create any fuss.
I did not attack them with my mouth or body in a rush.
I understood every man has his bad or good sides what we need is to absorb his good attitude and knowledge.
Everyone needs to do this every time without letting his or her anger control him or her which will release his or her inner negative rage.
After that all his or her good activities and work will go in vain which he or she acquired by hard work.
People remember bad behaviour of others than his or her good and moral work.
I got into problems with aggressive behaviour and past dictators had also faced problems then they die with regrets.
We have to create a better world and give people a hope of future that they can do good work but without any regrets.

.     .     .