Quarantine, lockdown are frequent terms heard these days,
Hustling and bustling streets have given silent roads, a way.
Fear and uncertainty have engulfed us day and night,
At the end of the dark tunnel, there ought to be some light.

Vacant roads have manifested tranquillity all around,
Businesses have come to a standstill, whose effect is profound.
Infection, medication and human loss is all we get to hear,
This irreplaceable loss is very difficult to bear.

Gurgaon, the millennium city of India buzzing always,
Has witnessed clear skies with no pollution but bright sunny rays.
Major office hubs like Cyber city and Golf-Course Road,
Have been waiting eagerly for their regular visitors to come afloat.

Shopping Malls and cine-plexes have seen no footfalls,
Numb they lay in the shopping season due to a retail downfall.
Kids’ amusement zones keep gazing at the stationary rides,
Waiting for their users to come back in full stride.

Rainbows in the clear sky is such a delightful sight,
The tip of the sky-crappers can be seen in the moonlight.
Gurugrammers have taken a pause to introspect life,
The vacant highways seem so alluring for a long drive.

Currently, confidence and positivity are our best attributes,
Resilience and perseverance are to be paid a tribute.
Revived hobbies and chai pe gupshup are our favourite pass times,
Let’s treasure these family moments in striving through trying times.

Super-busy mornings have become so serene,
Work from home and work for home have become our daily routine.
Nature’s beauty made an entry into our lives today,
Life seems to be so enriching with a lot of work and some play.

Birds’ chirping and sibling connect seem to be so enthralling,
Relaxing story time with kids are indeed a blessing.
Donning the chef’s hat to being a barber,
The ability to fit into different roles, make us a warrior.

Household chores and business meetings walk hand-in-hand,
Board games, lego sets and dolls, take us to our fantasy land.
Virtual classes have made learning, fun and interesting,
Social distancing has instigated network over-crowding.

Childhood games and memories have made a foray into our hearts and mind,
Replay of such emotions, have taken us thirty years behind.
Television epics have resurged the family ties,
As reminiscence of the golden days, intensify.

Painting, dancing, writing and singing had gone under the heap of hay,
A pause button in fast paced life, seems like a fresh start to the day.
A trip down the memory lane is so fulfilling,
A lazy family afternoon is very rejuvenating.

Cherished relations that had become distant due to paucity of time,
Have taken a strong foothold in times of quarantine.
Emotional connect via calls is the need of the hour,
Social media is important but in-person conversations, win over.

While the world economy faces a grave situation,
Human values have found a new revelation.
The pandemic has created turbulence worldwide,
Where human life needs immense valour to stride.

Quarantine is a state of mixed emotions,
Optimism and staying safe are the only solutions.
Good is triumphant over evil,
Treasured life skills will definitely help us identify the weasel.

As the darkness begins to wane,
New ray of hopes form a beautiful chain.
Lives lost cannot be recuperated,
Pledge to a healthy and safe life should always be reverberated.

.   .   .