Source: Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Everything is bleak,
It is all gray and grim,
Was there ever light to begin with?
Was there ever color?
or was the world always stuck in the twilight, static and unchanging?
I wonder, I think,
Were there ever rays of hope,
or were they just myth, things of fantasy and dreams,
like some hallucination?
Did the clouds ever part to reveal the sun shining splendidly? Hopefully?
Or was it also dead and dull,
buried behind dark lifeless clouds?
Was there ever emotion?
I don't know, I don't remember,
My eyes are desolate and empty,
And as I look at the world, just for a second I catch a fleeting glimpse of something darting by,
It is light and shining like a fairy bright and beautiful,
Is it a glimmer of hope? Of supposed youth still alive somewhere deep inside?
I don't know, it disappears into the dark,
And I am alone
Everything is bleak

.    .    .