Source: Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash

I was working, it was noon, the ray of sun was coming in through the glass doors. I was standing there waiting for him to come, setting my hair and coat, the cold wind was touching my face and my nose was numb, there were butterflies in my stomach tingling inside, I felt that my heart was beating fast, then he arrived, wearing all the sweetness in his eyes. It was lovely to see him for the first time, he got me his favorite thing and so it was mine, those lovely chocolate brownies that I might never forget. then we agreed to head off to somewhere nice, where we can sit and talk about how dreamy it is, how dreamy it is to be together at that moment, we were walking together on the empty roads smiling and giggling, crossing roads together, it was really cute how he was protecting me from that rude traffic, with his arm around me, we went to the café, then he surprised me with those beautiful white flowers, I can still feel that big smile that I gave him after receiving those flowers and other gifts that he gave me, it was blossoming. ‘oh my goodness he is just so cute’, I said that to myself. Then he smiled, took my photos, and then we went outside having those cups of tea. We were sitting on a bench sipping, I was holding those flowers, the wind was pretty nice and those sunny rays that were lightning our eyes. We talked, talked for a bit and were looking at each other eyes, we felt that we were having a great time, ‘the time, ohh I have to go now’,I said that with the unpleasant feeling of ending that beautiful meeting, ‘I should drop you’, he said that with the will of spending a little more time, I felt that in his voice. We took a vehicle to go back, talking, giggling, taking pictures we came back, ‘I should go now’, said he, ‘you can come in, stay a bit?’, ‘oh no, it’s ok, I should go’, ‘allright’, ‘it was really nice to meet you, he said that with a beautiful smile, ‘yes, it was lovely’ said I and giggle, he wrapped his arms around me, it was so warm and beautiful, I felt froze for bit, a heart beat might skipped. Then we said goodbye until we met again, another time. Yes, it was our first meeting, which was just as nice as his soul and eyes.

.    .    .