Source: Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash

Every sunrise is an open door
And so every sunset is a closed door
Nature preaches the best
That there's always a next

Rejection is an indication
To change your perception
which can correct your direction
To progress further with perfection

Being alive itself is an opportunity
And chances are always in infinity
So say no to negativity
And continue to lead life with positivity

Start every day with a ray of hope
As there's always a scope
To take a turn and restart
As one closed door never ends all the start

Explore more to the core
Without any bore
To not ignore any open door
Awaiting to welcome you on its floor

Never be in a hurry to worry
About the opportunity that's lost
But believe that there's next best
Waiting for you to try with zest

Sense the open door in advance
And take every chance
To enhance without any fence
And bounce back with intense

Trust that the best is awaiting next
When an opportunity is lost
And be the first to think new
To stand amongst the few

Glance at your past without any haste
Not to mourn but to reform
And face the present chase
To create a future base

Get set to unlock all temporary blocks
As all ways are not permanently blocked
Say nope to pause your hope
And try to cope without any stop

There's an entry after every exit
Start waiting after every end
Success after every failure
So does an open door after a closed door

Every path may not lead to success
But always an access
To unlock the key of wisdom
Which leads to a better outcome

Say no to ponder over what's missed
As it no longer exists
Forget to regret about what's lost
And be the first to grab the best

Never stop your chase in any phase
And face the race with all grace
Mend yourself without any end
To challenge the upcoming trend

Ways often close which are not meant
Say no to repent about the time spent
And intend to find a new way
To succeed in your own way

.    .    .