Seeds of thought portrayed in words
That forms a tree of verse
A blend of words ardently penned
That conveys the intent

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Art from the heart that is apt
To captivate the thought
That can win the hearts of many
And can dive into the souls of any
Sense of thought composed
With an intense content
That can represent the intent
Augments the extent of impact
A heart that can imagine
Pens down tons of emotions 
A soul that can think with all will
Captions the theme with passion
Words that rhyme on a theme
Fine tunes the poem
And refines the idea that's left behind
To convey a message that's divine
Theme can be any

With thoughts being many
Language can be any
With forms being many
Three lines that don't have to rhyme
But can elicit the mood in time
Is the HAIKU poetry that anyone can try
The oldest in form but that's renown
A style that's popular to compile
Rules being nil, freedom being full
A form that's fine to have no limit on lines
That's the modern FREE VERSE best known
Fourteen lines with a pattern of rhymes
Written with all keen on a single theme
SONNET form that means a little song
And the ones that follow a rhythmic scheme
Poem with a rule to reveal the theme
Either with or without a rhyme
But with the first letter of each line
And that's the tricky ACROSTIC form
Nineteen lines that rhyme|
With a fixed pattern of repetition
And that's the VILLANELLE form of composition
With a lot of rules and challenges being full
Lines one, two, and five
Longer than three and four
And that's our LIMERICK with a distinctive sound
A form that's often bound to add fun
ODE symbolizes a lyrical praise
Is the one played with a musical instrument
Known for its short length
With a strong emotional sense
A poem that subjects to express grief
And that reflects upon loss or death
Sounds sad yet ends on a hopeful note
Is an ELEGY to lament over the loss

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A form with a rhyme scheme
Yet can be modified as per the writer's theme
A poetry that narrates a dramatic story
Is the BALLAD that has a glory
A representation in words
That reflects many thoughts
A composition made with passion
That expresses many emotions
Similar to the song is a LYRICAL poem
NARRATIVE is a tale conveyed in verse
A single voice of poet with a great detail
Is a DESCRIPTIVE verse that explains a subject well
An art with a distinctive style
That represents many perspectives
An art that's too effective
To convey the true objective
Not just a literary composition
But an art that creates magic with words
Ideas mixed with a sense of logic
That can give an ecstatic feel

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A traditional form of art
That evolved from rational thoughts
An oldest surviving art form
That revived its forms as per the trend
Poetry is not just a mix of words
But an art that represents thoughts
Not just a combination of phrases
But a rendition that can be a true inspiration
Catchy words that match the theme
Gives a classy look to the poem
Thoughts expressed without any ambiguity
Can win the reader's congruity
Words that rhyme at the end of lines
Tend to establish a recurrent pattern
The repetition in any rendition
Doubles the beauty of any composition
Figurative language makes the poem attractive
And can have an impactive reach
And the similes that compare two objects
To express a concept portrays the poet's intent
Imagery techniques stimulate interest
And adds a visual appeal to the text
That helps the reader to picturize the context
And connect with the writer's mindset

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