Source: UnratedStudio from Pixabay 

You dislike me because I am skin deep; What's so special about the fair coat on you?
We landed up on the same Earth; However discrimination you continue to do,
You call it my luck...I call it plan of the Master,
Of which no one is aware;
Nevertheless, you stir up to speed up your pace
Only he exists with whom can no one be compare,
Your work is an achievement; Why mine is considered as plain time spent?
Isn't my labor is of same value, or am I just hired free of rent?
Born as skin deep was it my fault?
Have you ever heard of genetics and climates?
Depends on genes and weather condition...
Right isn't... to judge people with pre conceived notion,
Raising the standards higher than just color;
You can witness and lot you can explore...
You will see the fights one underwent; the struggles which you can never ignore,
Standing for a cause, fighting for peace;
Its a never ending chaos
The moment you begin considering other's life just like yourself
This war might come to a pause,
A pilot and a driver can never be compared
Each holds their significance diligent;
Each designation matters for survival;
Similar to ecosystem its not much different,
It's been long... I stopped asking why;
Because people don't seem to realize anymore,
Long ago Max C Well said, "Change is inevitable, growth is optional",
Optional being easy it keeps exciting much more,
All I say now, is anything you do for living is worth doing
Only criteria is having your chastity pure;
Lower in hierarchy doesn't make you small,
But insecure minds turns you petty for sure.

.    .    .