Image by Alexandra Haynak from Pixabay 

I was born when flowers bloomed.
But I didn't know that my life will be doomed.
I was surrounded by poverty,
I got married when I was twenty.
I became a victim of domestic violence,
All I could do was to keep silence.
I told my parents about my situation,
On their face I saw a feeling of hesitation
They told me to keep quiet,
I started to cry at that site.
They said I’m not their daughter anymore,
But their support was what I was looking for.
They didn't keep me in their home,.
In this world I was left all alone .
Although I was not having money,
I thought to restart my journey.
I was oblivious and illiterate,
The studies I would always hate.
It is said that patience pays,
I was heading towards happy days.
I worked hard and had sleepless nights,
But my family didn't realize my plight.
Still I'll devote my life for my family,
So that we all live happily.

.    .    .