Source: Roberto Huczek on Unsplash

I lived in a place named Chail,
It's entrancing beauty tells a mystical tale.

My family lived in other state,
Lonesomeness was destined in my fate.

I worked as a cashier in a grocery store,
Due to financial crisis I had to work more.

I did overtime work mostly at night,
Working hard for my family was a delight.

It was holiday,
But I had to go to work the other day.

One day I was watching film in the evening,
Outside it was raining.

I heard multiple knocks at the door,
I kept my cold drink on the floor.

Then I went towards the door and opened it,
A man was standing who was tall and fit.

He took out his dagger,
He attacked me in anger.

He was wearing a mask,
To protect myself I picked up a flask.

I hit him with a flask,he fell behind,
Then I regained control of my mind.

I closed the door and called the police,
My fear got decreased.

The police came and arrested that man,
The police took him in their van.

.    .    .