Source: Andrea Piacquadio - pexels

Dark, cold nights..
The stars shine bright...
Selene lights up the sky,
which enchants the mystic night!
Vivacious to every flora and fauna
A instant glow on the dainty earth
Desiccated Lands, cracked up hope
Wilted wealds, parched wells
A drop of pure, sweet clear water.....
Turns drought to ever green forest
Folded and curled,
wrinkly and dainty,
A ray of Sol, blooms and opens,
Vibrant, scintillating petals........
Smile is Magic,
Smile is Enigmatic,
Smile is the band-aid,
to heal the wounds within.....
To all the life battles,
To all the thorns of hardships,
To all the threads of sadness,
Just Smile...
Its the Sun,
The Moon
The Rain......
which heals from within,
Shields from out,
Cures from within
Strengthens for anything!!

.    .    .