With more than 17 months of COVID-19, people around the world have been facing multiple struggles; the world economy is hanging by a thread and needless to say, the standards of living have been plummeting drastically in all corners of the world. As the situation never seems to mollify, the overall health of our family members and friends appeared to take a serious hit with many businesses around us apparently taking the toll of the effect of this pandemic. During these times, the awareness of mental and physical health is proved to be vital in order to maintain the normalcy, to retain balance of our behaviour or eschew any probable extreme disorder. Whenever a person contracted the virus, it renders them to plunge into an abyss of darkness, not to ignore the concern of the victim's family and the emotional anxiety it entails.

Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash.com

Apart from all the standardized government's protocol to be followed by the general public, performing certain small activities at home to avoid the contraction of the virus is as important as wearing a mask or sanitizing oneself. Consuming vitamins and proper balanced diet increases immunity, minimum daily exercises such as plank, crunches, jogging etc., and simple yoga postures keep the muscles intact. A healthy body reaps a healthy mind and vice versa. Meditation is an age old practice which proved to be effective in placating the troubled mind and combating many illnesses because the healing of any physical illness or overcoming a deformity is succeeded by mental healings. It may sound absurd for someone to assume that the cure of a sickness lies partly or wholly in the mind of a person, true that the vaccines were proved to be effective and timely medications save lives, but the willingness of a person to combat a disease or an illness determines the effectiveness of any medical support. You cannot wake someone up who is not sleeping, in other words, medicines and surgeries, at some point, becomes a wasted labour to someone who does not wants to be cured. However, a person with a great zest for life will execute the willingness to fight any battle and combat any nuances of life and anyone can see this difference; moreover, the same treatment may provide two different results due to their different outlook and deterred enthusiasm.

The gist is not to superpose mental healings against scientific treatment of any form but to underscore the importance of response by human mind to any unfavourable condition and the intended impact of any external force can be inconsequential or fortunately significant depending upon their mental state and attitude towards their formerly held principles or purposes of life. The increase in mortality rate due to COVID-19 has created panic and apprehension to the masses and somehow it is ripping off the beliefs of people by painting an inevitable gruesome picture of death and agony to those who caught the virus. It's evident that thoughts are contagious and people become adapted to the general circulated thoughts around the globe. Fears and phobias are difficult to overcome and once it became entrenched in human minds, it could manage to survive with the person for an ample amount of time. This argument is not to supersede the threat of COVID-19 but intended to provide an additional support to a person's overall health in combating this plight. The purpose is to hint a message for the dire need of maintaining a peaceful disposition in the face of adversity (in this case, COVID-19); any consternation cannot be avoided but practicing control over our emotion can be achieved easily which is important to maintain especially during a time like this. A positive mind, however, is not immune to any virus but reflecting its projection can help in pacifying a community or a member of the family who are currently a victim of this outbreak.

Whenever someone raises an issue relating to health, often it negates the importance of mental health which should be the central focus of the issue. We have seen many instances when a doctor intentionally gives false news because the risk of telling the truth carries more harm than the lie for the patient to ingest. There were many instances where the normal oxygen rate of a patient plummeting, rather surprisingly, when witnessing the death of another covid-19 patient in front of her. This shows that an unstable mind can be more dangerous than the unstable physical health. 

The first step of taking care of our health from this deadly virus is to maintain our mental health and this should be the case in any situation, robustness of the physical health follows the robustness of the mind. Timely caution should be at the front by doing the bare minimum of distancing oneself from the crowd but to never miss the opportunity to show some kindness to those in need. Regular steam inhalation is also proved effective in keeping the deadly effects of the virus at bay and this can be practiced with 1-2 teaspoon of VapoRub into a hot water bowl. The steep of this deadly virus is higher than it was predicted before and it keeps getting worse with each passing day where victims gasp for oxygen and complaints of the bereaved getting lost obscurely in the authority's office like the ignored complaints of potholes. To maintain good haemoglobin level, it is vital to consume foods that are rich in iron, vitamin A, copper, vitamin B12, B5, B3 etc., such as red meat, mushrooms, apples, yoghurt, oats, tomatoes, eggs, avocado, broccoli, tuna fish etc.

Lastly, to bolster our health, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet so our body can combat any pathogen deterring our well-beings. Overall, it is important to note the significance of good mental health and its implications when overlooked. The unflappable mind is better at winning than a perturbed being.