Human has always been a natural cartographer, always mapping different routes since Stone Age. His curiosity has always led him into astonishing new discoveries of land and different regions around the world. As he progressed through the ages, with the help of technological advancements, he not only found out a method to map down his surroundings as a source of study, later known as cartography; but as source of fun and amusement as he used to love create pictures of his surroundings. In this 21st century, he has advanced so much that we now have maps in our own smartphones! Well, we usually use the GOOGLE maps whilst we go to some unknown area. We need directions to go to that place. Along with showing directions it shows nearby places such as restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, temples, etc. GOOGLE maps have now become a huge map of the whole world. 

Some aspects of these maps are as follows: 

  1. We can set the time of our departure and at what time we want arrive over the destined place. G-Maps will show you the fastest route to reach there, avoiding all the traffic.
  2. We get points for reviewing photos, places and knowledge with others. This feature helps us to gain access to the best places around the globe, its historical past, sightseeing areas, etc.
  3. We can pin our real-time location on the map, and send to our friends so that they can exactly know where we are,
  4. When we are travelling on a long journey and when there is no internet, then due to G-Maps special feature we can download the areas map and can easily access while we our offline.
  5. We can set a feature in G-Maps in which we can set a route where we can avoid traffics, ferries and even the pathetic long lines of tolls!!
  6. Who doesn’t know GOOGLE street view? The app’s best feature enables you to see to pictures of a street in 360 °, of all the streets in the world.

Till now we have got know about this application, but is the way we use it, actually, right? NO, not at all! We basically ignore the good routes hinted by the GOOGLE and instead use our own false knowledge leading us directly into long traffic jams. Sometimes, it may lead us into small traffics, and then we become haywire as it is constantly leading us into traffic-led areas. We curse the app, say GOOGLE’s gone mad, and close the app. We believe in the local auto drivers as our guide in such a situation. In such a situation we always rely on our pathetic geographical knowledge rather taking help from the modern advancements. We are always the same, a fool, who doesn’t look around himself and criticise the situation. We always think of going around the world but our geographical and cartographical knowledge is even below the zero. Using these maps will always help us to know the exact location of a given destined place (if we know where it is, though), and, most important, these maps are taken via satellite imagery and hence we can get 100 % accurate location as well as directions to a destined place.

We should be thankful that due to such technological advancements we can view the world by sitting in one corner of our own bedroom! Then why can’t we use this technology to its full extent and efficiently increase the way and manner we see our own surroundings? Why then, we always struggle in giving accurate directions? It is the dawn of a new mannerism, a manner in which we should be able to guide the needy, though by GOOGLE maps, but with accuracy and precision. And, hence, I think GOOGLE maps are the most trustful and highly accurate digital maps available over the globe.