Source: Pixabay

A Faustian
Bargain was made,
Underneath roundtables
A game was played.
The King of fools
Dealt our hands,
Built this house of cards
Where he sang, he danced.
But now the wind's blowing
Blowing again.
Time was just
one of his slaves to kill
At councils and in palaces,
Underneath which
We all stood silent still
Defending him with our defeat
For, after all, we were beneath.
We live and relive
the ravages, the mistakes
As seconds and minutes dilate.
Now clocks struck eternity,
We're stuck in a loop of errors
Oh, end of certainty.

and new discoveries,
But no rhyme or reason
Just illogicality.
Science for wars,
Wars for peace,
Peace for calamity.
Can't believe our reality
Is this our reality?
We hide and, he seeks.
Eyes on us,
But we can't see
In realpolitik
Who's the real enemy?
Now Lock me up,
Set me free.
Oh, with missiles
You set me free,
and changed my name
To save the guilty.

I'll think I'll be alright
But I wish that my son could see
That out here,
There aren't any borders,
Only the wind blows
and whispers to trees.
We could fly,
Fly paper planes,
Race the moon
through terrains
and dream a hundred dreams.
Now that I am up here
The order then seems uncanny.
Thus today I conclude,
Reductio ad absurdum
Your truth is a fallacy
Reductio ad absurdum
His truth is a fallacy.

.     .     .