Source: m storm from Pixabay 

You drunk poison like nectar
An upturned abyss was your sky
Like a drunk thief, you entered
From the unguarded side.
You inflicted wounds destined not to heal
and red eyes which bear witness
to the tears you have shed, and so have I
There will always be wrath in my mercy
For you stole my words, left me tongue-tied.
I gave you light, gave you warmth
With which you lit your 'beedis',
and burnt your bridges down
You felt sorry for yourself,
drowned in your woes
I held out my hand,
but you pulled me into the shadows
You smeared your face with ash
I rushed and wiped the mirror
You made me an accomplice in your crimes
Can I still be in the clear?
I see the signal searchlight strike me
I stand where the wind blows
As it whispers to me, the daylight draws close
I see silhouettes against the drapes
Hear lullabies through the walls
I'm sorry sister,
Sorry you took my fall
You drunk poison like nectar
An upturned abyss was your sky
Father, please take your pills
I will see you on the other side
There we shall be, like old enemies
There we shall be, like the salt and the sea
Will you spare my blood for now?
Will you spare my blood, I plead
For now a few moments,
I am finally free. 

.    .    .