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Asunder to the contrary perception about the certain tenets of sports and its prowess to spark a person’s life in wondrous ways. And how it plays a significant role in keeping up the physical outlook of a human being. It also has a fanciful and a little eccentric side. A one which is unique in its view and happening. And involves the fun and competitive spirit of its contenders and players. Because whenever we ponder about sports or kinds of sports. Our mind immediately shoots up images of famously known sports like football, cricket, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc. but seldom we receive the images of sports/games like chess boxing, or bullfighting. As they are lesser-known to us. So here is the thread which accumulates the list of the most unusually unique and weird sports around the world.

1. Chess Boxing

As the name suggests it's a kind of hybrid sport which adheres to two traditional sports, chess and boxing. It was invented by Enkai Bilal in 1992. And was first officially held in 2002 at Berlin. The rules of the game are pretty simple. There are a total of 11 rounds where competitors alternate between boxing and chess. And first to achieve knockout or checkmate wins the game. If both the players fail to achieve this, the player with the most points is deemed as the winner. A contender needs to have a flexible and resilient physical strength as well as a strategic and quick wit for chess playing. Frank Stoldt is considered the most famous player of chess boxing.

2. Oil Wrestling

Also known as grease-fighting or Yali Gures. It is Turkey's most famous sport and is treated as a festival in Turkish culture and has been held annually since 1342. Doing justice to its name the sport includes two competitors to wrestle against each other while fully covered in oil. The players try to pick each other up and make their opponent “ belly face up in the sky” to win a game. The winner is crowned with the title of Başpehlivan meaning head wrestler. This festival is now also gaining popularity in Japan and the Netherlands.

3. Underwater Hockey

You must have heard about hockey which is the national sport of country India. But this hockey is played underwater. Also known by the name octopus. It was first invented in Great Britain in 1954. The team needs to strike a goal into the opponent's team which requires maneuvering of a small metal puck by players with small plastic or wooden sticks in the bottom of a swimming pool. New Zealand, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, and Colombia are the nations where the sport is played enthusiastically.

4. Extreme Ironing

It is one of the dangerous sports of the world where people are required to iron clothing items at remote and extreme locations like while surfing, trekking, hanging from cliffs, etc.

5. Toe Wrestling

It involves two players locking their bodies and feet and pinning each other toes down to be the winner. There is no time limit to it. The four drinkers named Pete Cheetham, Eddie Stansfield, Pete Dean, and Mick Dawson first invented the game in 1974. While Mick Dawson became the first-toe wrestling champion.

6. Buzkashi

It’s the national sport of Afghanistan. The name actually means “goat bashing” in Turkish and it includes horse-set-up gamers trying to pull a goat carcass closer to a goal. The game is regulated via means of the Afghan Olympic Federation.

7. Bossaball

It’s actually a worldwide form of sport. It is a team game which first originated in Spain and the credit to conceptualize and compose it into a full-fledged sport was given to Filip Eyckmans in 2005. It involves features of volleyball, football, and gymnastics with a tad of music into it. It is a team sports game played on an inflated court as a ground with a trampoline on each side of a net, which allows plenty of bounce to players to jump and propel the ball to the opponent team’s court to score the direct points.

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