Tobacco: The most vicious health epidemic around the globe, whose menacing weightage is treated lightly by its consumers. But the pertinent question which bothers our mind is why are people conscious of these impending dangers of consuming these life threatening hazards, and still consuming it? What stimulates them and what should be done if they want to be pulled out of this deadly mire. What aid should the government provide to bring about cessation of tobacco use? And what's our civil duty to contribute to it? These questions ought to be answered to protect future generations from the harmful effects of tobacco. 

All types of tobacco are a threat to health for its consumers, and there is none way to safely consume tobacco without meeting any health dangers. Different forms of tobacco are:- bidis, pipe tobacco, cigars, waterpipe tobacco, various smokeless tobacco, etc. While smoking cigarettes is the most widely used form of tobacco. 

Smokeless tobacco use is lethal to health and is highly addictive. Which leads to an increased risk of cancers of neck, oesophagus, oral cavity, throat, mouth, tongue, lip and head besides other dental diseases, because it contains cancer toxins. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Tobacco kills up to half of its users and kills more than 8 million people each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

Second- hand smoke is the smoke which gets filled up around the space when people smoke cigars, Cigarettes, bidis etc. Which is inhaled by people around them. It can lead them to various chronic life threatening lung and respiratory problems. 

If we turn our eye to the situation in India, tobacco is slowly sucking the life of approximately 267 million tobacco users in India which constitutes 28.6% adults (age 15+) according to the Indian Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2016-2017. While among youth (ages 13-15) 14.6% are currently using some form of tobacco according to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey. (GYTS) 2009. These staggering statistics are distressing and alarming. 

Seeing teens and youngsters attracted and consuming tobacco is most upsetting. 

And teen smoking is on the rise lately. Some of the reasons why the future of the country and the world, too, is getting trapped in smoke are because of psychological pleasures:- mostly if not all adolescents start smoking generally out of curiosity to experience how it feels, as they see many people doing so. They don't count the seriousness of using it or how it can affect their healthy body. Or even if they did so, they counter their mind by giving reasons that first use will not cause any harm. And they soon get addicted to the nicotine present in cigarettes. 

Some start because of peer pressure, they are persuaded by their friends to try smoking. And most teenagers perceive smoking as a kind of freedom and rebellion. 

And they are very conscious about their appearance at this time, they want to look cool and stylish among others. They see their favourite movie stars smoking in films, so they perceive that smoking can change the outlook of their personality for good. These pleasures drive them to keep doing it without paying heed on it's ill results. 

So what work could be done by us to pull them from this quagmire of delusive content. 

As most teachings begin from home, parents should especially educate their children when they reach a certain age about every aspect of consuming tobacco, their serious ill effects on health. 

And they should be more vigilant about their children's activities when they are adolescents. Because that is the time they experience so many unexpected changes in their bodies. They should be aware and make them understand these changes, guide them to embrace them, so they don't slip into wrong tracks. 

Schools are the place where many children's scruples can be strengthened. 

Teachers should make students literate about the use of tobacco. Schools should hold tobacco awareness camps. Make students learn the consequences of it. 

And students who are aware that their peers are engaged in smoking should inform their parents or their guardians. They should learn that true friendship lies in saving their friends from this. 

And all shopkeepers should also do their deeds by not giving any tobacco products to kids, teenagers or youngsters instead should make them aware. 

Famous influencing personalities should run advertisements to keep youngsters away from tobacco use. 

And most importantly we as people of this country who want the good of youth should restrain if our eye caught any kid consuming tobacco. 

Government should encourage everyone to take the above measures. 

And everyone should provide hope to the users and current smokers that it's possible, they got into it. It's okay. But they can be brought back from it. They can be saved. The toll free number to get rid of smoking should be more popular among people. And companions, family, should put faith in them and their recovering journey.

" If tobacco couldn't be eradicated, we will make sure it's prevention should be desirable".

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